• 01.03.2023

Istria during the winter time

Istria is a region that truly has everything. Whatever type of vacation you decide on, you will find what you are looking for in Istria. We are here to help you with that! One of the best things you can do while you are here is to explore natural beauties of our region. If you are a lover of untouched nature, if you are hiking lover too, than you should definitely see the famous Train of Seven Waterfalls. We promise you that this is the most beautiful hiking trail in Istria. Its magical and mystical beauty will stay in your memorie

The route starts and ends in a small town Buzet. During your hiking, you will see Mirna and Draga rivers. These two rivers created ''river beds'' in which the water has shaped lakes, rapids and waterfalls. Along the way, in addition to the seven waterfalls, you will visit some abandoned Istrian villages, come across the shafts of old coal mines, Napoleon's Bridge and pass through Kotle, a restored old village that has become a popular picnic spot in recent years. There is also a restaurant in Kotli where you can take a break, eat and drink before continuing on.

The total length of the seven waterfalls trail is almost 14 km, and it takes six hours to tour it, without stops or breaks. The trail is ideal for both active and less active pedestrians. The most difficult parts of the path are provided with ropes that make the ascent easier, but it is nothing terrible, which should not be a problem if you are in average condition. Put on suitable shoes and enjoy scenes like from a fairytale.

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